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NPB Chats is the NPB program for those interested in bringing their English to the next level and meant to make you loose yourself and speak up! In English, of course!

Kleber Rebello is the volunteer behind this newly reviewed initiative. Kleber is an IT professional and passionate about languages. He was trained and spent quite a few years as a language instructor during his tenure at Berlitz both in Europe and here in Canada. He has never lost an opportunity of practising the teaching skills he acquired. His main goal is to help you feel more at ease understanding and communicating in English.

The program consists of two different activities:

1) Talking about anything that is happening in this country you have chosen to live in. This may be about current news or situations you may have experienced where communication was involved, either at work or elsewhere.

He will be observing the interactions, making general comments and giving tips on how participants can improve their oral expression, often at the end of the session.

2) Suggestion of material that can further assist in the participants' improvement of their language skills. This can be in the form of YouTube channels or webpages members can resort to in their free time. And, no, that's not homework. So no need to fret!

In order to be a part of this program you must enrol through the Members Area of the website.

A minimum level of English is required to participate, and this can be verified through an official test (CELIP 5+, IELTS 4.5+ or TOEFL 42+) or through a placement test if you don't have an official test yet.

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